Operating systems on KVM based VPS

Any Linux/BSD/Windows operating system is fine, if you have any specific version of the operating system/distribution you want loaded, please open a ticket at the client area with the link to the ISO file and we'll load in the file into our system.

A small list of operating systems included by default can be found below


  • The list below might be out-of-date at times, but we will do our best to keep it updated at all times.
  • Only the standard ISOs we list on all nodes by default are listed below. For example, if you have requested a custom ISO for your VPS, it will not be listed here.
Operating System Arch
CentOS 7 x86_64 only
CentOS 6 x86 and x86_64
CentOS 5 x86 and x86_64
Debian 7 x86 and x86_64
Debian 8 x86 and x86_64
Debian 9   x86 and x86_64 
Ubuntu 14.04 x86 and x86_64
Ubuntu 16.04 x86 and x86_64
CoreOS x86_64 only
FreeBSD 10 x86 and x86_64
FreeBSD 11 x86 and x86_64
gParted x86_64
SystemRescueCD x86_64
Windows 2008 180 day trial x86_64
Windows 2012 180 day trial x86_64

Clients can choose these as needed from the VPS panel and install it on their VPS.

If you need a special version of Windows mounted, you can open a ticket at the client area after order with a link to the ISO and we can load it in, We do not provide license keys for Windows and nor are they included in any of the plans, client's have to use their own keys as needed. We have a guide here as well for using Windows on KVM plans.

Last Modified: January 09 2018 13:50:09