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cPanel Shared Hosting Information


Backups are taken once a day and are stored offsite in a completely different country from our cPanel shared hosting offerings. We keep 2 backups, one of the current day and one of the previous day. You can automatically restore these backups from within cPanel itself by selecting the backup, today's or yesterdays backup and it'll automatically be restored in. All the contents of your VPS are backed up including databases etc but we encourage and advice all our users to maintain periodic backups of their own as well of the vital parts of their website like databases, configurations for their scripts etc as well.


Softaculous is included in all cPanel plans for use, this includes reseller accounts as well, we update scripts in Softaculous quiet often as well, but we advice clients to keep an eye out for new releases of the software they use like Wordpress, phpBB etc as well. Depending on the severity of the software update it maybe advisable to update manually (by uploading the new files etc) as soon as the software update is released.

Dedicated IPs

It is possible to order a dedicated IP address for your cPanel account or for one of your sub-accounts if you are a reseller. To addon IPs to your account, please create a support ticket in our client area. It is possible to set PTR/rDNS records for these IPs as well.

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