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Installing PHP, MySQL and Apache on CentOS

This guide will teach you how to install PHP, MySQL and Apache on CentOS 5 and CentOS 6.

Step 1 : Installing Apache

yum install httpd

Step 2 : Lets install PHP now

yum install php

Step 3 : We need to install a few modules for PHP to work with MySQL

yum install php-mysql

Step 4 : Let's install MySQL now,

yum install mysql-server

Now that we have installed all the needed packages, let's start Apache and MySQL,

service httpd start

To start Apache on boot,

chkconfig httpd on

To start MySQL on boot,

chkconfig mysqld on

Let's verify if Apache and MySQL are running,

service httpd status
service mysqld status

or you can also load your VPSes IP to check if it's loading, if it fails to load, you may need to open port 80 on your VPS.


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