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KVM Templates

KVM templates allow simple one-click OS installation and reinstallation for KVM based VPSes.

Please do note : KVM templates are just an additional way to install/reinstall operating systems, you can always use the ISO to install your desired operating system.


  • Please update the operating system as soon as you SSH into the VPS after install.
    • yum update if on CentOS/Fedora
    • apt-get update && apt-get upgrade/apt-get dist-upgrade if on Debian/Ubuntu
  • Please wait at least 5 minutes before trying to boot or reboot your VPS. Windows 2008/2012 may take upto 15 minutes to complete install. Do read this if using Windows.

First, Login to the VPS control panel, login details and URL to the panel are in the same email as the VPS IP address etc.

Click, on “Manage

Then, click on “Reinstall

Pick any OS from the list, hit reinstall at the bottom of the page and It'll give you a root password for SSH for your VPS.

OS install not working ? Errors ? Try the following steps,

  • Change network driver to Intel E1000 and if that too does not work try VirtIO network driver as well.
  • Checkout the VPSes monitor output displayed at/with the VNC option. Sometimes the VPS waits at the boot menu if no default OS/boot option is setup (very common with Ubuntu), VNC-ing into the VPS (via the VNC option in the VPS control panel) allows you to boot into the OS if it's waiting for key prompt at the boot menu/GRUB.
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