Comparison Between OpenVZ6 and OpenVZ7

As you may know, OpenVZ 6 will reach end of life by Nov 2019. Worry not, we have already migrated all our OpenVZ servers to the OpenVZ 7 platform!

Operating System compatibilities between OpenVZ 6 and OpenVZ 7 versions are listed below,

OpenVZ 6 OpenVZ 7
CentOS 6 Yes Yes
CentOS 7 Yes Yes
Debian 7 Yes Yes
Debian 8 Yes Yes
Debian 9 No Yes
Ubuntu 14.04 Yes Yes
Ubuntu 16.04 Yes Yes
Ubuntu 18.04 No Yes

Now, let see some technical terms compatibilities with the latest version (OpenVZ7). The OpenVZ6 was running on the 2.6.xx Based kernel however OpenVZ7 is running on the latest kernel which is 3.10.xx.

OpenVZ 6 OpenVZ 7
Base / Host-Node Kernel Older 2.6.xx Based Newer 3.10.xx Based
Tun/Tap Yes Yes
PPP Yes Yes
2nd Level Quotas Yes Yes
FUSE Yes Yes
1-Click Easy Reinstall Yes Yes
1-Click Password Reset Yes Yes
1-Click Network Reconfigure Yes Yes
rDNS Support Yes Yes
SSH Access Yes Yes
Dedicated / Static IPv4 Yes Yes
IPv6 Support Yes Yes

As seen above, OpenVZ 7 provides the same base functions with a newer kernel which provides better speed and stability with more newer operating system options for VPSes. All new accounts activated will be setup on OpenVZ 7 based host-nodes. If for any specific requirement you wish to be setup on a OpenVZ 6 host-node, please contact our support staff and we will try to accommodate your request.