How To Install Answer Q&A Community Software on Ubuntu 22.04

Answer is a open-source knowledge based community software. You can use it to quickly build your Q&A community for product technical support, customer support, user communication, and more.


Install Docker Compose

To install Docker Compose, run the command,

apt install docker-compose

Running Answer with Docker

To install Answer via docker, run the command,

mkdir answer && cd answer
docker-compose up

Reboot the docker by running the following command,

systemctl restart docker

You can now navigate to your browser to the URL http://yourserver-ip-address:9080 and you will see the Answer Q&A Community Software installation screen.

Replace "yourserver-ip-address" with the actual IP Address of your server

Choose the language


Config database

Note - Answer supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite as the database backend.

If you are testing Answers for the first time, you can go ahead with sqlite it does not require any additional configuration.



Enter the basic information




Running Answer in the background with Docker

To start Answers in the background (detached mode), you can use the following command.

docker-compose up --detach


root@vps:~/answer# docker-compose up --detach
Starting answer_db_1 ... done
Starting answer_answer_1 ... done

This concludes the Installation and Answer Q&A Community Software on Ubuntu 22.04.