How to Install CentOS Stream 9

Login to your CrownPanel account.

Mount the CentOS Stream 8 ISO Image

To start the installation you will have to mount the CentOS Stream 9 ISO. To mount the ISO click on CD-ROM and then select the CentOS Stream 9 ISO from the drop-down menu and click on the Mount button ( It will take 2-3 minutes ).

Task Log tab will show the status of the tasks that you are performing.

Once the ISO has mounted, navigate to the "Power Control" tab and then perform a Reboot task on the server.

Now Launch VNC to start the installation. If the VNC doesn't boot to CentOS Stream 9, please click on Send Ctrl-Alt-Del from the VNC console to send a Reboot signal.

Select the Install CentOS Stream 9.

Select the desired language and click on continue.

Select Network & Hostname menu to configure.

Edit only if it's not automatically configured.

The VPS gets the Networking information over DHCP. If you want static network configuration, Click on the Configure... button to manually configure the IPv4 address. To know your allocated Addresses, please refer View Network Information article.

Select Installation Destination menu to configure disk partitions for the server.

Select the available Disk and choose if you would want Automatic or Custom partitioning option based on your requirements.

In this example, to keep it simple, we will use Automatic partitioning.

Then click on Done.

Once the Disk Partitioning is complete, select the Installation Source from the main menu to enter the Repository URL.

Enter Repository URL, in this example:

Next, select Software Selection from the main menu to select the Base Environment of the server.

For this, we will choose Minimal Install which provides us with Basic functionality of the server and keeping it lightweight.

Select the Root Password menu to set the password for your root account.

And once everything is set and configured to your requirement, we will proceed with the installation by clicking on Begin Installation button on the bottom right corner.

And go to the CrownPanel and unmount the ISO.

Reboot the VNC and Login by using the credentials that were set earlier.

Note : If your VPS starts with the Installation process again click the "send ctrl alt del" Button. And if the problem continues, Then Shutdown the system and make a Restart.