How to Install Netdata on Ubuntu 23.04

Netdata is an Open Source real time server monitoring tool. It collects real time data like CPU usage, RAM usage, Load, SWAP usage, Bandwidth usage, Disk usage etc.

Update the System

Let us update the server using the following command,

apt update -y

apt upgrade -y

Install Netdata Package

Install Netdata on the server using below command.

apt install netdata -y

The -y option is used for the confirmation which will be prompted by the installer.

Configure Netdata

We need a small change in the configuration file, so that the dashboard is available on a public IP.

If you intend to use this locally, then you do not need to make this change.

nano /etc/netdata/netdata.conf 

Configuration file will look like this.

        run as user = netdata
        web files owner = root
        web files group = root
        # Netdata is not designed to be exposed to potentially hostile
        # networks. See
        bind socket to IP =

By default, the bind socket to IP it set to To access the dashboard using the IP address, you need to replace with your actual server IP Address.

Save the file and restart the netdata service using the below command.

systemctl restart netdata 


Netdata listens on port 19999 by default, enable and reload ports in firewall to use Netdata from browser.

ufw enable 

ufw allow 19999

ufw reload

Netdata Dashboard

Enter the following URL on the browser to access the Netdata dashboard. By default netdata works on 19999 port.

http://<Enter Your IP Here>:19999/

The dashboard will look like this,