Add and Managing the Domain in DirectAdmin.

  1. Login to your Direct Admin Panel.

  2. Click ‘Domain-Setup’ button from ‘Account Manager’. DirectAdmin

  3. Then click Add New Button. This is where you add new domain names to be hosted within your main hosting account. DirectAdmin

  4. Enter the Domain name you want to host. DirectAdmin

  5. Set the bandwidth and disk space allowances for this new domain, and You can also decide if you want this new domain to have SSL, CGI or PHP privileges. DirectAdmin

  6. When finished, click Create. That’s it! The new domain has been setup. DirectAdmin

  7. when domain successfully created screen looks like this. DirectAdmin

  8. You can Manage your domain by clicking the checkbox, where you can ‘set as default’ and ‘delete’ or ‘Suspend’ and ‘Unsuspend’ the domain by clicking the corresponding buttons.. DirectAdmin

  9. And you can also change the domain by selecting domain on top right side of the home screen. DirectAdmin