How to install CentOS 7

1 Login to your Panel (

2 To start the installation you will have to mount the CentOS 7 x86_64 ISO. To mount the ISO click on CD-ROM and then select the ISO from the drop-down menu and click on Mount button(It will take 2-3 minutes)

mount iso

3 Once the ISO has mounted (Task Log tab will show the status of the task), navigate to "Power Control" tab and then perform a Reboot task on the server.

reboot srever

4 Now Launch VNC to start the installation.

lanuch vnc

5 Select the language and click on the continue.


installation screen

6 First click Date & Time and select date & time zone.

time and date

7 And click on Network & Hostname then switch on the network.

network and hostname

8 Next, go to installation destination and delete all existing partition then click on "click here to create them automatically". It will create all new partitions.(NOTE: Select Device Type as "Standard Partition")


created partation

9 After creating the partition, move to installation source.Then fill the CentOS mirror URL and done.

installation source

10 Finally, click on software selection and select minimal installation.

software selection

11 Click on begin installation and select the root password to set ‘root’ password.

root password

12 After installation completed unmount the ISO and reboot the server. Wait for a few minutes and then you will get login access.

unmount iso