How to Install GUI on CentOS 7

If you dont like the CLI (Command Line Interface) and looking for a Graphical User Interface (GUI), Here is a simple guide to install one. In this case, we will be using GNOME Desktop.

Installing GNOME:

sudo yum -y groups install "GNOME Desktop" 

This Installation would take some time depending on the Internet connection and hardware. Once it's complete, run the following command

echo "exec gnome-session" >> ~/.xinitrc

This command will inform the startx command which desktop environment to run.

Starting GNOME

You can run the command startx and check if the GUI is working.

Set GUI as default

In order to get GUI every time you login and not to get a CLI login,

systemctl set-default

This will now give you a Graphical interface every time you login.

Note: In order to support the GNOME you may need to use a VNC or a Remote Desktop connection. You can use the following guide to install xRDP >> Installing xRDP on CentOS 7