Recover the Data from a crash by mounting Rescue CD on a VPS

Step 1: Mount the Rescue CD on your VPS

Login to the CrownPanel account and select the VPS you need to recover data from. From the CD-ROM tab, choose the system rescueCD and mount it.

mount rescuecd

Then launch the VNC and after a moment, you should get a screen similar to this : Select Default boot options

rescuecd option

Just hit enter on the below screen:


rescuecd CLI

You've now entered the rescueCD

Step 2: Bring the network UP

Use the following command to set the network of your VPS

net-setup eth0

net setup

net interface

Hit NO here

Select the interface type and click OK

net config

You will be prompted with the details of the network interface

net details

Click Yes

Now, choose the wired network in the options

net options

and click OK

Choose the DHCP to auto-detect


Proceed with OK


To verify if the network is UP



Step 3: Mounting the Disk

For you to be able to connect via SSH, Password has to be set-up with the following command

passwd root

set root pass

Now lets mount the disk itself to recover the data

fdisk -l is the command used to list the disks, partitions etc in Linux

fdisk -l


Here we see the partition

/dev/vda1 | Type "Linux"

So this is the largest partition aswell

Size 499G

So this it the partition which holds our data that we're after

Make a folder now

mkdir hdd

make dir hdd

With the command

mount /dev/vda1 hdd

Next you can enter the folder "hdd" and then list the files

root dir

So this is the full root filesystem

You can now SSH into the VPS IP and recover the files required