VPS Bandwidth Information at CrownCloud

This page consists of answers to FAQ's regarding Bandwidth usage

Is incoming and outgoing traffic counted?

Yes, both incoming and outgoing traffic is counted unless specifically stated on your plan. If you need unlimited incoming or outgoing traffic, please contact us to work out a solution for you.

Am I billed for overages?

No, VPS's at CrownPanel are NOT billed for overages, we understand that at times your VPS might run out of bandwidth un-intentionally, in this case we suspend the VPS network to prevent any overage of bandwidth happening. If you feel that your website might have variable bandwidth usage, you can contact us to not do this action.

How do I purchase more bandwidth?

Bandwidth can be purchased from our client area via a support ticket.

What happens when my bandwidth runs out?

An email alert is sent on 80% of bandwidth usage and at 100% as well, if you feel that your website might have variable bandwidth usage, we recommend customers to purchase additional bandwidth once the VPS reaches 80%.

When does my bandwidth reset?

Bandwidth is reset on the 1st of every month.

Can I pre-purchase additional bandwidth?

Yes, this can be done via a support ticket to our client area, you can set this to be recurring addon or a one-time bandwidth addon to your VPS.

Can I purchase bandwidth as a one-off?

Yes, this can be done, please mention that you want the bandwidth as a one-off and we will bill you once only.