CrownCloud Refund Guidelines

The below article outlines the refund guidelines at CrownCloud.

From our Terms And Conditions and Acceptable User Policy of our Service,

Refunds are dealt on a case-by-case basis, if the service does not work and/or cannot be fixed we will refund.

Do note, if you have an issue with the service you have with us, you need to open a ticket at our client area so that we can fix the issue you're facing. We will not refund you if you put in a cancellation request asking for a refund without contacting our support team first.

Raising a Chargeback/PayPal claim for refunds will result in suspension of services, refunds requests are dealt via tickets and tickets only.

For Domains the following additional point applies,

In the event of a client running a chargeback or a PayPal claim after his/her domain was activated, will result in CrownCloud gaining the right over the domain and the client will be denied access to his/her domain.

Please note: no refunds are possible for items provided by 3rd party services sold by us, such as Domains, SSL certificates and software licenses (cPanel licenses etc).