1. Login to your cPanel (

  2. Under the SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER, click on WordPress wordpress1

  3. Now you will see WordPress window. Click on Install wordpress2

  4. Now fill the below mention details.

    • Software setup:

      • Choose the version you want to install: Select the version which you want to install. We recommend you to use default version
      • Choose Protocol: Select appropriate protocol for WordPress
      • Choose Domain: Select domain name on which you want to install WordPress
      • In Directory: You can remove wp if you want to install WordPress in the root directory of your domain. You can also mention any directory name. It will create a directory which you have mentioned
    • Site Settings:

      • Site Name: Enter your site name
      • Site Description: You can specify your site description
      • Enable Multisite (WPMU) If you want to use multiple website on single WordPress account you can select this option wordpress3
    • Admin Account:

      • Admin Username: Enter admin username. We recommend you to use odd username
      • Admin Password: Enter strong password.
      • Admin Email: Enter your email address on which you will get notification
    • Choose Language:

      • Select Language: Select language for your wordpress account
    • Select Plugin(s):

      • Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer): It will limit number of login attempts for your wordpress installation wordpress4
    • Advanced Options:

      • Database Name: Enter the database for the installation. Database name cannot be greater than 7 letter. The database will be automatically created
      • Table Prefix: You can keep it as it is You can see multiple option in the Advance Option like auto upgrade, auto backup. If you want you can enable it. wordpress5
    • Select Theme:
      • It is based on your personal preference. It can be added later wordpress6
  5. Verify all the details and click on the Install button. Installation process will take 2-3 minutes