1. Login to your cPanel

  2. Under the SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER, click on WordPress wordpress1

  3. Now you will see WordPress window. Click on Install wordpress2

  4. Now fill the below mention details.

    • Software setup:

      • Choose the version you want to install: Select the version which you want to install. We recommend you to use default version
      • Choose Protocol: Select appropriate protocol for WordPress
      • Choose Domain: Select domain name on which you want to install WordPress
      • In Directory: You can remove wp if you want to install WordPress in the root directory of your domain. You can also mention any directory name. It will create a directory which you have mentioned
    • Site Settings:

      • Site Name: Enter your site name
      • Site Description: You can specify your site description
      • Enable Multisite (WPMU) If you want to use multiple website on single WordPress account you can select this option wordpress3
    • Admin Account:

      • Admin Username: Enter admin username. We recommend you to use odd username
      • Admin Password: Enter strong password.
      • Admin Email: Enter your email address on which you will get notification
    • Choose Language:

      • Select Language: Select language for your wordpress account
    • Select Plugin(s):

      • Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer): It will limit number of login attempts for your wordpress installation wordpress4
    • Advanced Options:

      • Database Name: Enter the database for the installation. Database name cannot be greater than 7 letter. The database will be automatically created
      • Table Prefix: You can keep it as it is You can see multiple option in the Advance Option like auto upgrade, auto backup. If you want you can enable it. wordpress5
    • Select Theme:
      • It is based on your personal preference. It can be added later wordpress6
  5. Verify all the details and click on the Install button. Installation process will take 2-3 minutes