How to Whitelist your IP Address on Incredible PBX

This wiki. article will show you how to whitelist your IP Address on the Incredible PBX server.

At times you may experience that

  • you've lost access to the PBX server and the web panel no longer loads.
  • your home or office IP address changed.
  • you need to add a new user to the PBX server.

In such cases, use the following command to whitelist the IP address.

/root/add-ip username IP_Address

Where in,
username is the name of the new user.
IP_Address is the new IP address to add.

To know your Public IP Address, click on to display it for you.


/root/add-ip John

Also, if you're unable to access the Server, please use the VNC feature available in CrownPanel.

Whitelist Access via FQDN (Optional)

Additionally, add-fqdn is used to whitelist a fully-qualified domain name in the firewall. Because Incredible PBX blocks all traffic from IP addresses that are not whitelisted, this is what you use to authorize an external user for your PBX, The advantage of an FQDN is that you can use a dynamic DNS service to automatically update the IP address associated with an FQDN so that you never lose connectivity.

root@pbx:~# /root/add-fqdn username

Where in,
username is the name of the new user. with your actual FQDN.

If you face technical difficulties, kindly reach out to us via Support Ticket.