CentOS 6 Install via ISO/CD-ROM Guide

Mount the CentOS 6 CD-ROM/ISO image in CrownPanel

Mounting to CrownPanel

Reboot the server, and launch VNC to start the installation

Reboot the server

Launch VNC

CentOS 6 installation

From the GRUB Menu, Select "Install or Upgrade Existing System"

CentOS 6.8 Grub Welcome to CentOS

Disc Test

You can skip this or select media test, if you want to test installation media before installation

CentOS 6.8 Disc Test

Select Installation Method

CentOS 6.8 Select Installation Method

TCP/IP Configuration

CentOS 6.8 TCP/IP Configuration

Setup CentOS 6.8 Netinstall URL

If you wish to install a specific version of CentOS for example CentOS 6.4 use the following URL instead of the one displayed in the screenshot below,

To install the latest available version, use the URL as displayed in the screenshot below,

CentOS 6.8 Netinstallation URL Setup

Retrieving install image

CentOS 6.8 Retrieving Install Image

After this stage -- You should see a Graphical Install Interface load up from where you can select the packages you wish to install and disk partition layout to complete the install.