Mounting CD-ROM or ISO on your VM in CrownPanel

This is applicable only to KVM based VPSes on CrownPanel

Login to CrownPanel at the following URL:

Click on the "Manage" button beside the VPS you wish to manage


Switch to the CD-ROM tab and select the ISO/CD-ROM you wish to mount from the dropdown list and click on the Mount button,


Wait upto 60 seconds for the task to complete.

The ISO is also live-mounted (like a CD-ROM inserted into your PC while its running), You can also "boot" into the ISO as well by following the instructions below

Booting into the ISO

To boot into the CD-ROM, switch to the "Power Control" tab and click on "Reboot".

Then switch to the "VNC" tab and click on "Launch VNC" and you'll be booted into the ISO.

If the Server hasn't booted to the ISO yet, click on the Send Ctrl-Alt-Del button on the VNC Panel, this will perform a soft reboot and should boot into the ISO.

If you're running a Windows Server, Please reboot from the Server.