How to install Ubuntu 18.04

  1. Login to your Panel (

  2. To start the installation you will have to mount the Ubuntu 18.04 ISO. To mount the ISO click on CD-ROM and then select the ISO from the drop-down menu and click on Mount button(It will take 2-3 minutes)

  3. Once it mounted click on Power Control and then Click on the Reboot button to reboot the server.

  4. Now Launch VNC to start the installation.

  5. Select the language and click on the continue. Deb9 installer

  6. Select the keyboard and click done. Deb9 installer

  7. Select install ubuntu and press enter. Deb9 installer

  8. Select the Network configuration and click done. Deb9 installer

  9. Proxy configration,if system require enter proxy address in this example keept empty. Deb9 installer

  10. Ubuntu mirror config,in this example defauilt address keept. Deb9 installer

  11. Disk configration,in this example "use an entire disk". Deb9 installer

  12. Choose the disk to install and click enter. Deb9 installer

  13. check the available diveces and press enter. Deb9 installer

  14. confirm and press continue. Deb9 installer

  15. Profile setup fill the form and press enter,in this example clint name=clint,server name=server,and set the username and password and if needed give github or launchpad username. Deb9 installer Deb9 installer

  16. If required select any server,in this example not selected any server snap. Deb9 installer

  17. After select Reboot now. Deb9 installer

  18. Asks for to remove installation redium press enter. Deb9 installer

  19. installation process occure. Deb9 installer Deb9 installer

  20. After it asks for server login,login with theh created account. Deb9 installer Deb9 installer

  21. installation complete.