How to Install Ubuntu 19.04

  1. Login to your Panel (
  2. To start the installation you will have to mount the Ubuntu 19.04 ISO. To mount the ISO click on CD-ROM and then select the ISO from the drop-down menu and click on Mount button(It will take 2-3 minutes). mount
  3. Once it is mounted click on Power Control and then Click on the Reboot button to reboot the server. reboot
  4. Now Launch VNC to start the installation. vnc
  5. Select the language and click on the done button. language
  6. On the next window, you will see the installer update screen. We can click on continue without updating button to continue. update
  7. Now select Keyboard configuration and click on done button.( We can use default configuration). keyboard
  8. Select the install ubuntu to start the configuration. install
  9. In the network connection, Keep is as it is. We can continue it with DHCP. network
  10. In configure proxy, leave this as it is and click on done to continue. proxy
  11. Configure ubuntu archive mirror, we can use default details. Click on done. mirror
  12. Filesystem setup, Select Use An Entire Disk and click on done. filesystem
  13. Keep it as it is and click on done. filesystem1
  14. Check the file system summary and click on done. filesystem2
  15. On the next window, you will see a warning pop up window. Select continue to move forward. filesystem3
  16. Now enter the server information, username, password and click on done button to proceed further. profile
  17. You can select OpenSSH package to enable secure remote access to your server. Enable this if you require SSH access to your VPS, else SSH will not work. ssh
  18. In Featured server snaps window, you can select the packages to install with server installation and click on done button. serversnap
  19. Once the installation is finished, unmount the ISO from the panel and click on the reboot button. finished
  20. At last, do the shutdown and boot the server