Getting Started with Debian based IncrediblePBX 2021

In this wiki article, we will learn how to install Debian based Incredible PBX from CrownPanel.

  1. The Incredible PBX 2021 template is readily available for everyone (and no need to create support ticket for this now).

  2. IncrediblePBX can be installed with a 1-Click re-install option in the CrownPanel and you can find it in Application Images option with the label IncrediblePBX 2021, for Instructions on how to re-install you can click here.

  3. Next, SSH into the server to complete the remaining installation steps. It is an interactive process from here on and the system will prompt you for some inputs regarding the configuration.

    NOTE: The first IP Address accessing the Incredible PBX server is whitelisted and required the same IP address to access the server again, we recommend you to use a VPN, or have a static IP configured on your local system to access the server remotely anytime.


Access the Incredible PBX Admin Panel

Here, to manage your PBX through a web browser you first need to set the admin passwords,

To set Password for Admin Panel -- login to a server as a root and issue the following command.


Once the password is set - Open the browser and enter the following URL,


Login credentials,

  • Username - admin
  • Password - use the password that you have set in this step.

This would conclude the installation of Debian based IncrediblePBX 2021 on CrownPanel.

If you're looking to whitelist an IP address, click on whitelisting an IP address on PBX.

If you face technical difficulties, kindly reach out to us via Support Ticket.