Resetting Password On Windows

Mounting SystemRescueCD

To begin, mount the SystemRescueCD from the CD-ROM menu and boot into the CD-ROM.

Mounting the disk

Mount your Windows disk which is /dev/vda2

mkdir hdd
ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 hdd –o force

Enter the disk

Switch to the config directory of your system,

cd /mnt/windows/Windows/System32/config

Reset user password

List all users

chntpw –l SAM

Next, Select "Edit user data and passwords"

Next from the user table displayed, enter the User RID, which would be like 0fXX (Replace XX from your RID displayed)

Next select "Clear/Blank User Password", this will clear out the password from your user.

Setting new password

Unmount the ISO and reboot the system back into Windows and it will login to your machine. From here setup a new password via the control panel.